2021 AEC: Postponed

This year has been an extraordinary one.  All things have been impacted by the Covid pandemic.  Alas, it is also true with our Annual Education Conference (AEC) planning.


In spite of extending the speaker submittal deadline and nudging partners to submit presentations, we have received very few presentation proposals.  We get it.  Everyone is busy and it’s really difficult to find the bandwidth to take on more things.


Last week, I discussed options with the AEC Planning Committee, the Speaker Committee, the Board of Directors, and our Executive Secretary.  We concluded that we just do not have enough content to build a high quality, comprehensive conference agenda.


As a result, we are suspending our conference planning efforts for now.  This means we will not be hosting a virtual AEC as planned for May.  We will reassess things in September to decide whether to hold a fall conference or to focus our efforts on planning for AEC 2022.  


We still want to make sure that we:

  • Conduct our annual awards ceremony

  • Continue with the International Health Committee (IHC) fundraiser; and 

  • Grant scholarships as usual this spring.  

These committees have been busy and we want to bring their work to fruition.


I am so sorry to bring this difficult news to you.  I appreciate the work and dedication each of you have mustered in service of your communities and the State of Washington.  


Sincerely yours, 



Tom Kunesh 

WSEHA Board President

Call for Proposals