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Underlined titles have presentations linked.  All files are pdf, unless otherwise indicated.  Presentations will be added as they're received.

Pre-Conference & Plenary Sessions

Session 1

Engaging Teens in Environmental Public Health

Drinking water systems serving restaurants: Collaboration between the Washington DOH and the Whatcom County Health Department

Session 2

Leg 101: Public Health and the Legislative Session

Improving Ventilation in Long Term Care Facilities

How a Drinking Water Program in Pierce County Could Help Provide a Model for Other Counties

Session 3

Foundational Public Health Panel

Geographic and demographic context of Share Pantries and Community Refrigerators as hyper-local food assistance resources in the Puget Sound Region of Washington state.

No Session - Cancelled

Session 4

Rats and Bugs - Oh My! Addressing Pest Infestations in Food Service Establishments

What to do about the wild whirlwind of wastewater management

Session 6

Cleaning and Sanitizing under the NSF standards

Vibrio and other shellfish related illnesses: Reporting, Response and Management

Session 8

Building Code requirements for food trucks in Washington State

Resuscitating a LHJ School Program

Toxic Algae Outbreak Investigation on the Columbia River in Tri-Cities, WA

Session 9

FDA Program Standards and You: A Collaborative Approach to Program Improvement

Use of Environmental Data for Public Health Actions on Freshwater Harmful Algal Blooms in Washington

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