Nominations and Awards

Even though we couldn't have the AEC, we wanted to ensure that the recipients of the scholarship and awards received the recognition they deserved.  Plus, it's fun to see the reactions.

There are title cards between the award categories so if you don't have time to watch the whole 20 minutes, you can fast forward to the category you want.  

Cynd M. Treser Memorial Scholarship 

Scyler Li, University of Washington

"After graduation, I hope to work for a few years in the Seattle area to gain some insights into working in the field while continuing to explore my interest in environmental public health. I hope to work in the communicable disease area, and look at how to minimize disease transmission between people and the environment...Knowing that the spread of the disease is closely linked to environmental contaminants, I hope to find meaningful collaborations between environmental microbiologists and epidemiologists. "

                                                                                         - excerpt from scholarship application

ScylerLi - 2020 Award.jpg
Holly - 2020 AEC award.png

John Nordin Outstanding Sanitarian Award

Holly Erdman, Kittitas County Health 

"Holly is more than a colleague or regulator to the people she encounters in her professional life.  Every coworker, customer, and stakeholder leaves an interaction with Holly feeling cared for and well treated.  Her peers appreciate her attendtion to detail and interst in their lives, both professionally and personally.  Holly takes the time, despite an always full schedule, to learn about those around her.  She finds the connections between people's values and the principles of environmental public health, leaving converts to our field in her wake." 

                                                                                      -excerpt from recommendation letter

Rookie of the Year

Brenna Hoppe, Snohomish Health District

"Since beginning her work with Snohomish Health District, Brenna Hoppe has shown incredible drive, passion, and commitment to the community we serve, and to the betterment of the food safety program. Daily, she brings a positivity that is contagious, a curiosity that keeps her engaged, and a team-oriented posture, always ready to help her colleagues when needed. And in a field that is far from black and white, she navigates through the grey with great professionalism."

                                                                                                                          -excerpt from recommendation

Ashlee-Rose Ferguson -award 2020.jpg

Presidents' Award

Ashlee-Rose Ferguson, WSDA/WSEHA IHC Chair

"Some people just know how to set other people’s minds at ease.  Ashlee-Rose Ferguson has been one of those people for all of the years she has chaired the International Health Committee - the IHC.  She has taken on one of the most time-consuming jobs within our organization each year, the IHC Chair, and made sure that the Board of Directors did not have to worry a bit...She leads in a calm, capable, confident manner – letting those around her know that when she promises to do something, she delivers." 

                                                                                                                          -excerpt from recommendation


It is the policy of the Washington State Environmental Health Association that every effort shall be made to identify and reward deserving environmental health practitioners through special recognition by their peers.


These awards shall be presented annually, (provided a qualified candidate is nominated and selected) during the WSEHA Annual Educational Conference (AEC).


The Nominations and Awards Committee consists of eight or more members: the President Elect, Regional Vice Presidents, and two members at large, chosen by the Committee Chair.  Primary responsibility for the identification and selection of qualified candidates shall rest with the Nominations & Awards Committee. The Committee shall solicit nominations for each of the awards of the Association except the Jack B. Hatlen Presidents' Award.  The Nominations & Awards Committee shall consider the merits of each of the candidates so nominated, and make recommendations to the Board regarding the award of such honors.  Final selection of the candidates for the awards of the Association shall be made by the action of the Board of Directors, with the exception of the Jack B. Hatlen Presidents' Award.  The selection of the candidate for the Presidents' Award rests with the current WSEHA President, President-Elect, and Immediate Past President.


All members of the Association are eligible to be nominated for any of the awards, with the exception of the officers and elected members of the Board of Directors. They are not eligible to receive any of the major awards of the Association while serving as a member of the Board of Directors, unless there is a unanimous decision by the Board.


WSEHA has been recognizing award recipients since 1962.  The List of Awards are (for more information on each award, please see the WSEHA Awards Manual):


  • John P. Nordin Outstanding Sanitarian Award

  • Environmental Health Professional of the Year Award

  • Rookie of the Year Award

  • Jack B. Hatlen Presidents' Award

Know someone that you'd like to nominate for an award?