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A confirmation letter will be emailed to the email address provided on the form as the date draws near.
Did you say that you wanted to join WSEHA to take advantage of the Membership discount?  Click here to get to the Membership Application.
Don't forget to make your hotel reservation.  Click here for more information. 
An invoice will be emailed to the billing email address that you provided in the form.
Please mail checks, payable to WSEHA or the Washington State Environmental Health Association, to:
PO Box 721
South Bend, WA  98586
WSEHA's Federal Tax ID number is 91-1312779.


Payment for registration:  Check or money order accepted, made payable to WSEHA.  (Sorry, credit card payments cannot be accepted at this time.)  Invoicing is available to organizations only.  Send payment to: WSEHA, PO Box 721, South Bend, WA  98586. Meals are part of the registration and cannot be subtracted from the fee.


Cancellations:  Cancellation of registration needs to be in writing and received by WSEHA no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time on April 22, 2019.  A $15.00 processing fee will be charged for all refunds. 


"No shows"“No shows” are defined as those that register for the conference, but do not attend the conference and did not send a cancellation notice (see Cancellations section above).  Costs are incurred to WSEHA with each registrant, whether or not the registrant attends the conference.  If a registrant is a "no show," the registrant's agency (or individual registrant if registrant is self-employed or unemployed) will be invoiced for the meals.  Meal purchases are non-refundable if cancellation notice is not given before the cancellation deadline.  Typically, the maximum amount that will be invoiced for a "no show" is equivalent to the Emeritus/Unemployed registration fee.


No partial payments accepted:   Organizations requiring their employees to make a partial payment (such as membership fees) must send all  payments together.  Checks and money orders must reflect payment in full.  An organization refusing to pay for any registrations will become the responsibility of the registrant.

Thank you for your submission!

Questions?  Contact us!



Megan McNelly, Executive Secretary      



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