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WSEHA Membership Information

Ready to become a member?!

Prefer to go old school?  Sign-up by sending in a paper application.  Click the button below.

Has your contact information changed?  Just send an email to with the update(s).

We truly appreciate our volunteers and members!


 Without you, we wouldn't be able to provide low-cost educational opportunities for professional development.

Why join WSEHA?

As an environmental public health non-profit organization, we rely on membership dues and educational event registration fees to be able to provide continuing education at low cost.  We love our members and the support that they provide not only for WSEHA but for the profession as a whole!  Join us today to enjoy the benefits that being a WSEHA member gives you.

Membership Benefits

  • Receive Discounts: You automatically receive discounts to all conferences and events sponsored by WSEHA and on all products sold by WSEHA.

  • Receive Information: As a member of WSEHA, you’ll receive information on all WSEHA activities, from regional meetings to local educational events to statewide conferences.

  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs): By attending our sponsored events, you obtain CEUs that are required for maintaining your  Registered Sanitarian certification. We submit our conference registration lists directly to the Washington State Board of Registered Sanitarians (WSBRS) for CEU tracking of WSBRS members.

  • Voting Privileges: As a Regular, Associate, Affiliate, Sustaining, or Emeritus member of WSEHA, you have the ability to vote during annual officer elections, for changes to policies and procedures, and other issues that require a vote of the membership.  

  • Awards and Scholarships: WSEHA members are eligible for annual awards and scholarships and for nominating others.

  • Receive the WSEHA Newsletter: WSEHA publishes a quarterly newsletter that provides information on state and local health activities, upcoming educational opportunities, regional reports and more.

  • Get Involved!  We encourage you to take an active role in WSEHA activities. As a WSEHA member, you have the ability to get involved in WSEHA committees and run for office. The greatest benefit you receive is the opportunity to meet and work with dedicated people in your related field. Get involved today!

  •  International Health Committee (IHC): WSEHA’s IHC has worked on urgent public environmental health projects such as sanitation improvements in developing countries.

Membership Categories

  • Regular Members: Persons who are active in the field of environmental health or related educational activities, who have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

  • Associate Members: Persons who are active in the field of environmental health or related educational activities, but who do not meet the requirements of regular membership.

  • Student Members: Persons who are working full-time towards a degree in sanitary science, public health, environmental health, or related academic field.

  • Sustaining Members: Persons or organizations that are interested in supporting WSEHA and its goals and objectives. Sustaining members shall be offered to be listed on the Association’s website. A sustaining membership authorizes a firm or organization to pay the membership registration rate for up to four representatives per Association training event.

  • Affiliate Members: Professional or civic organizations that share the goals and objectives of WSEHA and wish to improve communications and coordination of mutual programs. An affiliate membership authorizes an organization or association to pay the membership registration rate for one representative per Association training event.

  • Emeritus Membership: May be awarded by the Board of Directors to a retired regular member, upon application, provided he/she has been a member of the Association for at least five (5) years immediately prior to retirement and has accrued at least twenty (20) years of environmental health service or has retired due to disability. The Board of Directors may waive years of environmental health service in consideration for years of service to the Association. To request the Emeritus category, a letter should be sent to the WSEHA Executive Secretary. The letter will then be presented and voted on at the next Board meeting. The requestor will then be notified of the results of the vote.

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