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WSEHA is a non-profit professional and educational organization established to provide a forum for dialogue and a vehicle for advanced training opportunities. WSEHA enhances individual and collective expertise, promotes professional growth, and revitalizes Environmental Health endeavors. The Association is enriched by the diversity of ideas and orientations of its members, who represent both the public and private sectors.


Members are Environmental Health personnel with professional responsibility for, or interest in, protecting the public’s health through organized programs in the following areas:


  • Air pollution control

  • Food protection

  • Housing sanitation and safety

  • Public water supplies

  • Injury control

  • Insect and rodent control

  • Institutional environmental health and safety

  • Noise pollution control

  • Occupational health and safety

  • Water pollution control

  • Recreation waters and facilities

  • Solid and hazardous waste management

  • Wastewater pollution control

  • Toxic substances


Just starting out?  View the video to see if a job in Environmental Health is right for you!

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