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To meet our mission, the IHC has three main objectives:


Education:  The IHC develops presentations on international health issues that are presented at the annual education conference (AEC) and at regional WSEHA meetings.  Updates to this website include links to technical resources that WSEHA members can access to learn more about international health issues and best practices in basic water and sanitation.


Outreach:  The IHC is developing strategic partnerships with sister organizations, such as the Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA), to better utilize resources to promote environmental health in an international setting. The IHC holds silent auctions on an annual basis at the WSEHA AEC and/or JCH to not only raise money for overseas projects but to increase awareness of international health issues.


Assistance:  WSEHA has worked with many different organizations to support projects related to environmental public health.  Each year, the IHC chair and WSEHA Board select a recipient for the IHC funds.  See the list to the right for project descriptions.

Past IHC-Sponsored Projects

2022 IHC Recipient
Project Ethiopia

Thank you to everyone who donated a basket, silent auction item, purchased raffle tickets, or made a donation.  Together, we raised over $4300 for Project Ethiopia!

"Project Ethiopia partners with rural communities to create hope and opportunity through education, healthy homes, and economic resilience. Our projects provide safe drinking water, ensure children have access to education, support aspiring learners to attend university, build homes that support health and sanitation, offer low-interest micro loans, and implement innovative strategies related to sustainable farming and production. We work in the Dangla region (population approximately 280,000) in a remote area of northwest Ethiopia where other aid money often does not reach.  Project Ethiopia does not operate as a traditional non-governmental organization (NGO), but rather utilizes a model in which we work side-by-side with the community, developing strong relationships and earning the trust of our village partners."

Visit their website ( to learn more about the organization and other ways to create hope and opportunity through education, healthy homes, and economic resilience.  

Contact Information
IHC Chair: Layken Winchester
ph: 360-728-2247

2022 IHC Committee


2022 IHC Auction Room


2021 IHC Recipient

Water 1st International

"Our vision was to support local, on-the-ground organizations (our partners/colleagues in this work) who would organize and train community members to participate in every step of the process. And we would commit to consistent project funding as well as monitoring and evaluation. In a world that entices us with new technologies, new inventions, and new gadgets, we have remained steadfast to our effective mission. We have 3,758 independently operated projects to demonstrate that our approach works.

Today, our Water1st community is comprised of more than 8,000 supporters across the country, including a network over 300 youth advocates. Collectively, our extraordinary community is making a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable families."

from Water1st International website,

WSEHA donated over $2200, thanks to your generosity and the WSEHA Board.