To meet our mission, the IHC has three main objectives:


Education:  The IHC develops presentations on international health issues that are presented at the annual education conference (AEC) and at regional WSEHA meetings.  Updates to this website include links to technical resources that WSEHA members can access to learn more about international health issues and best practices in basic water and sanitation.


Outreach:  The IHC is developing strategic partnerships with sister organizations, such as the Washington State Public Health Association (WSPHA), to better utilize resources to promote environmental health in an international setting. The IHC holds silent auctions on an annual basis at the WSEHA AEC and/or JCH to not only raise money for overseas projects but to increase awareness of international health issues.


Assistance:  WSEHA has worked with many different organizations to support projects related to environmental public health.  Each year, the IHC chair and WSEHA Board select a recipient for the IHC funds.  See the list to the right for project descriptions.

Mama and Two Children
Irenye Leya and children
President BioSand Fabricators
Kahororo Meeting
Tsunami 2
Tsunami 1
Los Manguitos 2001
Afghanistan-Ecuador 2004
Past IHC-Sponsored Projects

2020 IHC Recipient: Help Animals India

Funds Received to Date: $340.00

(as of 6/17/2020)

Although we were unable to hold the Silent Auction and Raffle this year, we'd still like to support Help Animals India in their work.  WSEHA will match all donations up to $2100 if you donate by July 4th so don't hesitate!  Use the above button to donate (receipts will be provided by PayPal).  Checks can be mailed to PO Box 721, South Bend, WA  98586.  Please indicate that it's an IHC donation.

Donations will be used to fund rabies vaccines.


Thank you for your generosity!

Questions about the recipient?  Check out the videos, article, and website listed below.

"Help Animals India is a United States based, non-profit 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicated to supporting efficient and effective animal protection organizations in India and Nepal. We strive to put our donor's generous contributions to work where they are needed the most.


Help Animals India develops close relationships with India's animal welfare NGOs (non-government organizations). This ensures that all donations made to save India's animals are transparent and do the most good. In short, we provide donors confidence that their donations are put to the best use."

from Help Animals India website,

Check out The curious case of Sarnath to read about the work Help Animals India has done in a small town to control dog populations and rabies.  

2019 IHC Recipient:

200 Orphanages Worldwide

"We help provide safety, shelter, and sustainability for orphans because every orphan deserves a safe place to call home.

For the past ten years, our donors have completed  50 projects in 17 countries for 16 partners. From clean water wells, to latrines, to dormitories and security walls. Each day, we do something to make the life of an orphan just a bit brighter."

from 200 Orphanages Worldwide website,

2019 Final Reports 

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