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2022 Pool & Spa Conferences

The Pool Conference is brought to you by WSEHA and the Washington State Department of Health. 

  Hope you can make it!


The Pool and Spa Conferences will be held virtually this year.  The workshop is FREE.    


Morning Sessions (9:00 am to 12:35 pm)

April 18th (Monday) - filled

April 26th (Tuesday) - filled

Afternoon Sessions (1:00 pm to 4:35 pm)

April 20th (Wednesday) - filled

April 28th (Thursday) - filled

Don't forget to fill out the evaluation form to receive your certificate of attendance! 

SESSION CONTENT   agenda (Word) 
  •  pool pH: importance, measuring, limits, and control, disinfectant impact, dosing, safety
  • Disinfection: chlorination, bromination, limits, and types, illness/pathogens, feeder type, control of CYA

  • Cyanuric Acid: what it is and for, impacts

  • Alkalinity: what it is, importance, ideal range

  • Calcium Hardness: what it is, importance, ideal range

  • Water Balance: scaling/corrosion, Langelier Saturation Index, water clarity 

Have a Question?

Course content:

    Jun Naotsuka     (360) 236-3073

Registration questions:

   Rhiannon Dolinski     (360) 236-337

All other questions:

    Megan McNelly     (360) 875-8058


All sessions are full!


Learn from the best!  The instructors are from Washington State Department of Health's Water Recreation Program and provides their insight in order to provide a safe and healthy swimming environment for the public.

These courses will be appropriate for any pool operator/owner or inspector.  The information covered will include information on how pools work, common mistakes, and how to meet the requirements of pool operation.


Pool Operators

Keep your swimmers, facilities, and equipment safe.  


Both new and seasoned regulators are encouraged to attend.  These conferences will help you better understand what you're inspecting and how to inspect more thoroughly and consistently.  

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