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Meet Whitman County's New EH Director, Troy Henderson

Troy grew up in Cookeville Tennessee, enlisting in the Navy immediately after High School. After

completing his initial six year enlistment, where he served as a nuclear qualified electrician, he attended

Idaho State University, using the GI Bill. Troy graduated with a BS in Ecology and subsequently received

an Oak Ridge Institute Fellowship for graduate study in Physics. He graduated with a MS in Physics from

ISU in 1998. He was then selected to the US Navy Health Science Collegiate Program for Environmental

Health. Troy graduated with a MS in Environmental Health from East Tennessee State University in 2000

and was commissioned into the US Navy in 2000 as an Environmental Health Officer. Troy retired from

the Navy in 2012 and was hired as the Administrator for Whitman County’s Public Health Department.

Troy is married and has two grown children, the oldest is a recent Coug grad and the youngest will be a

junior at WSU this fall.

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