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Kitsap Public Health District's New Administrator- Keith Grellner, RS

Kitsap Public Health’s vision and mission are to make Kitsap County a safe and health place to live, learn, work, and play by preventing disease and protecting and promoting the health of all persons in Kitsap County. The Health District employs a staff of a little over 100 persons distributed among its Environmental Health, Community Health, and Administrative Services divisions.

Prior to becoming the Health District Administrator in July of 2016, Keith was the Environmental Health Director from 2009 to 2016. He served as assistant director of Environmental Health from 1999 to 2008. Keith joined Kitsap Public Health in 1989 as an onsite septic system and garbage/hazardous waste inspector. He also worked as an inspector in the water quality, drinking water, and food programs, and has also managed Kitsap Public Health’s water quality, solid waste, on-site septic, and drinking water programs during his tenure.

Keith is the chair of the Washington State Board of Health which monitors and protects the health of the people who live in Washington, and develops policies that prevent disease, and promote and protect the public’s health. The State Board recommends strategies and health goals to the Legislature and Governor and regulates a number of public health activities.

Keith also served on the Executive Board for the Washington State Board of Registered Sanitarians.

Keith has a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental health from Illinois State University. He lives in Seabeck with his wife Lynn. Lynn is the union representative for engineers at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Lynn and Keith are recent “empty nesters” --- their daughter Sofi is a senior in the Education Program at Western Washington University, and their son Keegan is a freshman in the engineering program at Washington State University. Keith enjoys golf, hunting, and fishing when he is not spending time with his family or working on projects around the house.

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