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NEHA is Sending 9 People to the NEHA 2017 AEC

This year, Accela Environmental Health and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) have partnered to award 9 scholarships to professionals to attend the NEHA 2017 Annual Educational Conference (AEC). The event takes place July 10–13, 2017 in Grand Rapids, MI.


  • Applications will be accepted from March 1–March 31

  • Each of the selected applicants will receive a NEHA AEC registration and paid NEHA membership for one year (travel costs are not included in this scholarship)

  • Winners will be announced by Accela May 2017


  • To be considered, applicant must be a professional in the environmental health industry – sorry, no students

  • Conference registration fee must not be purchased by your employer or another party

  • Must not have received an Accela/NEHA AEC scholarship within the past three years

To apply, click here!

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